What Would You Splurge ON?

These days, it's harder to splurge, but everyone has SOMETHING they're willing to pay a little more for. Maybe they used to cheap out on it . . . but once they got a taste of luxury, they can't go back.



There's a thread where people are talking about their splurges online, and the highlights include:



1. Windshield wipers. The cheap ones always skip across the windshield.


2. Dish soap and hand soap.


3. Mattresses and bedding.


4. Earbuds and headphones. Also: Technology, in general.


5. Clothing . . . shoes . . . and socks.


6. Coffee.


7. Cheese.


8. Eggs.


9. Vacuums.


10. Garbage bags.


11. Toilet paper.


12. Dry pasta noodles.


13. Steak.


14. Underwear.


15. Handyman tools.


16. Non-stick cookware.


17. Paint brushes.


18. Fuel.


19. And some people say they used to cheap-out on EMPLOYEES, but after paying for a high-quality version . . . they can't go back.  (Amen to that!)



(Buzzfeed / Reddit)

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