Arrest turns into a Proposal

Police in Whitman, Massachusetts, arrest a man in a pre-planned prank that ends with him proposing to his girlfriend. The Whitman Police Department recently received a special request. A fellow officer from a nearby town asked if they could arrest a man as part of an elaborate prank to help the man ask his girlfriend to marry him. They agreed to hear the request and soon received a call from Wayne Morse.

Morse explains that he wants to prank his girlfriend, Kristen Fleming, by faking him getting arrested while out to lunch with her and her parents. Then when they are about to haul him off to jail, he’ll surprise her with a marriage proposal. After getting approval from the chief of police Timothy Hanlon, the plan was set in motion.

As planned, while he was dining with his girlfriend and future in-laws, police rolled up to the restaurant. Fleming made a joke about the police coming to get Morse, so imagine her surprise when they walk straight to their table, put her boyfriend in handcuffs and walk him out to their cruiser. She follows behind and asks to speak to her boyfriend before they take him away. At that point, Morse steps out of the back of the car and gets down on one knee to propose. After a bit of cussing, Fleming says “Yes!” The department later shared the whole absurd tale on social media. They expressed gratitude to have been included in the plan, offered congratulations to the couple, and stressed that this was a one-time event, so don’t ask them to do it again.

Source: WHDH

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