Kid donates piggy bank money

An Indiana boy is donating his entire piggy bank to help victims of Hurricane Ian and has inspired his mom to help, too. When Dominic D’Andrea found out about how people were in need after Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida, the seven-year-old wanted to do something to help. He brought his whole piggy bank to his mom, Jaclyn D'Andrea, and asked how he could donate all his money to the victims.

Jaclyn took a video of Dominic offering the money and posted it on social media where it received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. "I literally posted that video to social media just as a proud mom, not ever anticipating for it to take off the way that it did," she says.

And Dominic’s generosity motivated his mom to do what she could to help too. Jaclyn started collecting essentials to donate to Floridians hit by the hurricane. She plans to load up a rental truck with the items and deliver them to Fort Myers as soon as it’s safe to go into the area.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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