Birthday Cake is the best medicine

A Publix bakery employee in Fort Myers makes sure a little girl gets a birthday cake and her reaction is priceless. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s devastating pass through Southwest Florida, groceries have been in short supply. So when Caroline Rollins went to Publix to pick up a cake for her daughter Anna’s third birthday, she knew it might be tough to come by.

Sure enough, employees at the Publix at Sky Walk Plaza told Rollins that they didn’t have any cakes. She thanked the workers and continued shopping, but a few minutes later she got a tap on her shoulder. Publix bakery employee Natasha told the mom that she went and searched in the freezer and found the ingredients to bake Anna a cake. Then she asked what Anna was into and Rollins said, “Anything pink princess.”

Fast forward two days and Rollins returned to the store with Anna to pick up the cake. Natasha was there and presented the three-year-old with her custom birthday cake complete with a silver tiara on top and the toddler’s reaction was pure joy. Rollins shared a video of the touching moment on social media where it’s been viewed thousands of times. Now Anna’s mom is out singing Natasha’s praises. She made sure that Publix management knew how much it meant for her and her daughter to have someone go above and beyond to help them have a sense of normalcy after all their community has been through.

Source: WTSP

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