Domino's makes a kid's bday extra SWEET

A Husband who was deployed overseas returns early to surprise his wife in the hospital just before the birth of their first child. U.S. Army National Guard Captain Harold Leroy Rahming has been stationed in Iraq for the last three months. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife Cara Rahming, was back in Illinois preparing for the birth of their first child.

Harold was going to return home just in time to bring their baby home after their scheduled delivery, but then their plans got derailed. A couple days before her due date, Cara felt the baby’s movements were “changing,” so she contacted her doctor, who recommended she head to the hospital for monitoring. While she was settling into a room at the hospital, she got an unexpected surprise.

When Cara was in the restroom, nurses helped sneak Harold into her room and when she came out of the bathroom, there was her husband, still wearing his military uniform. He’d arranged to come home early and surprise his wife before their baby was born. The next day, the couple welcomed Harold Leroy Rahming II and Harold senior got to be there for the birth. The family is home now and they say their baby is “really, really healthy.” They’re glad to be together and excited for this new chapter in their life.

Source: Good Morning America

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