BFFs become Homecoming Royalty

Homecoming season always brings back memories. I love the floats, the football game, and being the water girl for the team. I was the football team's unofficial mascot and saw many cheerleaders and football players team up to run for Homecoming. It seems to usually be an honor bestowed on the most popular and beautiful kids. This good news story proves that the most beautiful and popular can also be a bit unconventional. I'm so glad they were brave enough to throw their names in the hat to let people vote. I wish more nerdy kids like me would be that brave. Good things can happen to anyone, any time. Congrats to the new King and Queen!! ~Karla

A pair of Chicago area teens who’ve been best friends since they were toddlers are crowned homecoming king and queen. Selena Schuster and Timmy Matykiewicz have been BFFs since they were three-years-old and have grown up together in the same special education program in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park. Recently, the besties beat out all their other classmates to win the titles of Homecoming King and Queen.

Since starting at Sandburg High School together, they started a new tradition. Every year, Timmy has asked Selena to go to the school’s Homecoming dance with him using elaborate, handmade signs. For the homecoming dance this year, Timmy and Selena decided they’d put themselves in the running for homecoming king and queen. Their families were onboard, making flyers and t-shirts for the couple, but they worried a bit about how they’d take it if they didn’t win.

But the worry was for nothing, because after all of the school’s nearly 400 votes were tallied, Timmy and Selena cinched the royal titles. "It says a lot for how they are viewed by the other Sandburg students, outside of the special education program," says Selena’s mother Jen Schuster. But Timmy’s mom, Amy Matykiewicz, wasn’t all that surprised by the win. "I’m not shocked," she says, "I think my kid and Selena are the most amazing people."

Source: Patch

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