Boy Scouts rescued!

A group of Boy Scouts and their chaperones are rescued from a National Forest in New Mexico after being stranded there for two days. New Mexico State Police performed a rescue of 16 children and nine adults from the Gila National Forest in Western New Mexico. The troop from El Paso, Texas, was stranded in a remote part of the forest due to high water caused by heavy rains.

The Scouts were planning on hiking out on a trail along the West Fork Gila River, but high waters made the trail impassable and the group ended up getting split in two. Two days later, New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue spotted the group, but had to wait until the next day to attempt a rescue mission.

Extreme weather prevented helicopters from landing, so rescuers airlifted the Scouts out one at a time. The State Police hoisted 20 people out while the New Mexico National Guard got the remaining five. The operator of the State Police helicopter said it was one of the most technical rescue missions they’ve ever done. Fortunately, no one was injured in the rescue. New Mexico State Police recommend that hikers be prepared and they encourage people to carry a satellite communication device in case of emergencies.

Source: KFOX TV

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