A rescued puppy becomes a Police Officer

A puppy rescued from Hurricane Ian is getting a new home and an important new job. By the time Hurricane Ian made it to the Carolinas, it was downgraded to a tropical storm, but it still brought a lot of rain and disruption. After the storm had passed, a good Samaritan in Greensboro, North Carolina, found a pair of four-month-old puppies that someone had abandoned in a box.

The good Samaritan took the pups, Stormi and her sister Hurricane, to Guilford County Animal Services and after getting them checked out, forever homes were found for both of them. Stormi has been adopted by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office and they plan to train her to do police work.

The Sheriff’s Office has shortened her name to Storm and the newest member of their K9 unit will start socialization training this week. Sergeant Osborne of the Guilford County Sheriff’s K-9 unit says he expects Storm to be a good rescue dog and eventually they’ll start training for her new job in narcotic detection.

Source: My FOX 8

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