Bday Balloons travel 500 miles

A woman in the UK is reunited with her cat five years after it went missing. When Kimberley Cartledge of Costessey, England, moved in 2017, her cat, Fudge, never adjusted to their new home, so she made the difficult decision to rehome her with a friend who lived in a village about ten miles away. A few days later, Fudge went missing from the friend’s home.

Kimberly posted missing cat messages on lost and found boards and on Facebook, but never got any clues about where Fudge had disappeared to. Then this past Sunday morning, Kimberly was looking at found cat postings from Feline Care Cat Rescue and saw a familiar face. “I instantly knew it was her, with those markings, it was quite surreal,” she recalls of the moment she saw Fudge looking back at her from the computer.

Apparently, Fudge was picked up by the rescue by a highway nearly 15 miles from where she was last seen. Molly Farrar, who runs the cat rescue, said she knew right away that someone would be looking for the cat. "She was very friendly, so we knew that someone must have been missing her," she says. After proving that Fudge was her cat, Kimberly was reunited with her missing fur baby nearly five years after she went missing.

Source: BBC

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