Man saves kids from fire

A good Samaritan in Iowa saves four siblings from a house fire after taking a wrong turn. While driving in Red Oak, Iowa, late one evening last week, Brendon Birt took a wrong turn, which had him drive by a house that was on fire. He got a sinking feeling that someone was still inside the home, so he stopped to check. “I just felt like somebody was in there because it was so late at night,” Birt explains. “I just knew that I had to act quick.”

Birt went up to the home and banged on the windows and yelled, “Fire!,” until he got a response. A moment later three siblings — ages eight, 14, and 17 — came barreling out the front door as flames quickly engulfed the front porch. Then just before the home was completely on fire, their 22-year-old brother escaped through the front door. The frightening event was caught on the home’s doorbell camera before it burned up with the house.

The sibling’s parents were out of town when they got the news that there was a fire at their home. The mother, Tender Lehman, says she is incredibly grateful to Birt for saving her children. “My kids wouldn’t have made it,” she says. “They’re safe and they’re safe because of him.” The home was completely lost, but the family says they're just thankful that all the kids made it out alive.

Source: NYPost

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