New Shoes = Good News

The story of a Buffalo teen who bought new shoes for his classmate after seeing him being bullied is going viral. When Romello “Mello” Early saw people picking on his friend and classmate Melvin Anderson over his worn out shoes, it really affected the Buffalo Creek Academy Charter School 7th grader. In fact, Mello was so upset that he called his mom crying after school. He explained what had happened and asked if he could use his allowance to buy Melvin some new shoes.

Mello bought the new shoes for his friend and gave them to him the next day at school. Dean of Culture at Buffalo Creek Bryant Brown Jr saw Melvin with the Nike box and asked what was in it. When Melvin told him it was new shoes his friend Mello had given him, he insisted that he talk to both boys. Brown was so touched by the act of kindness that he asked if he could get a picture of the boys, together with the shoes. He then got permission from the students’ parents to share the story on social media and the post has gone viral.

The post has been shared over 17-thousand times, liked by more than 20-thousand and received thousands of comments. Most are touched by Mello’s kindness and think the world needs more people like him. The story also caught the attention of a local Buffalo nonprofit founder who is taking the boys to see a Buffalo Bills game later this month. When Melvin’s dad Wesley Anderson heard about the kindness his son’s friend shared, he was surprised and appreciative. He hopes the story will inspire others to be more kind, saying, “I just hope that that spreads around. I don’t hope everybody buys everybody a pair of sneakers, but instead of being mean and telling jokes, just console one another. Lift everybody up.”

Source: Today

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