Cash is Kindness

An Alabama convenience store worker sets aside a portion of every one of her paychecks to pay for random acts of kindness. Since 2018, Lyn Thomas of Birmingham, Alabama, has been dedicating a portion of each of her paychecks to fund her Sowing on Purpose project.

When the 35-year-old isn’t working at her job as a convenience store assistant manager, she likes to bless strangers with little gifts of money. Lyn makes a game of her giving, posting on social media asking her followers to pick a color or number and giving the person who responds with the correct answer a cash surprise to help pay for some groceries or flowers or a meal.

Lyn wants to sow seeds of kindness and show love, “just because.” She says that giving unconditional love, kindness and compassion will set her free.

Source: The Week

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