4 year old Hero

A four-year-old Wisconsin boy is being called a hero for the way he handled a medical emergency. Kayla Mohr has experienced chronic seizures for more than a decade since she had a severe rollerblading accident. Her son, Logan, is no stranger to those seizures and she and her husband have taught the preschooler what to do when Mom has “an episode.”

“As he got older, we were like, “Okay, when this happens to Mommy, go get Daddy,” Kayla says. Last month, when she was getting Logan ready for school, she knew something was off and since her husband was at work, she sat down, dialed 911 and put the phone on speaker. Kayla began to have a seizure minutes later and Logan handled the call to 911, telling the dispatcher, “My mommy is having an episode. She’s shaking her legs and head.”

The little boy was able to tell them his mom was having a seizure and stayed on the phone until paramedics arrived and took over Kayla’s care. Logan has since received a lifesaving certificate and two medals from the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Officer for his bravery and no one is more impressed with his actions than his mom. “You can’t train a kid to do that, it was just instinct,” she says. “He’s my little superman.”

Source: KAKE

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