Donated jacket has 2 Diamond rings

**I just picked up a huge, red cast iron skillet outside of a dumpster and thought I was cool! (Sometimes you find REALLY great free stuff). I even got a beautiful Shwinn bicycle for free! But this find was too good to be true and I'm so glad this teen did the right thing and tracked down the rightful owner:) ~Karla

A teen finds some expensive jewelry in the pocket of a donated jacket and then tracks down its owner and returns it. Luke Coelho recently moved to Worcester [[Wuh-ster]], Massachusetts, from Brazil, so the 17-year-old high school senior needed to get some warm clothes. Fortunately, he got some help from his school’s clothes donation program and got a jacket that someone had donated.

When the teen put on the jacket for the first time, he realized there was something in a zippered pocket and pulled out some valuable items including a pair of Gucci watches, a diamond and emerald tennis bracelet, and two diamond rings. Luke and his aunt, Taryn Souza, knew someone would be missing the items and wanted to see that they got back to their rightful owner, but the only information they had to go on was the name “Dave” on the jacket and the name of a company that was long since out of business.

Taryn spent the next day running down the clues to try and locate the jewelry’s owner and after some phone calls and Internet sleuthing, she reached Dave Kenney. Dave didn’t even know he was missing the items, but he was overjoyed to be getting them back. The rings included the wedding ring he bought for his wife, who passed away recently and other items belonged to his late mother. "It meant the world that my daughters got their mother's stuff back," Kenney says. He was impressed that Luke did the right thing and returned the jewelry and as a thank you to his new friend, he helped him find a job.

Source: CBS News

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