10K sandwiches!

The group of volunteers in Greenville, South Carolina, come together to make 10-thousand sandwiches in one day to feed the needy. To honor the legacy of an early 20th century female entrepreneur, 200 Greenville volunteers made 10-thousand pimento cheese sandwiches in a single day and gave them to local food banks, schools, soup kitchens, and shelters.

In 1917, Eugenia Duke started selling her pimento cheese sandwiches to make ends meet. The sandwiches were so popular that she started bottling and selling the mayonnaise she used in the recipe. To this day, Duke’s Mayonnaise is still one of the most popular mayonnaises on the market and Eugenia Duke’s legacy in Greenville is one of hard work and giving back.

In honor of Eugenia Duke, who famously made 10-thousand of her famous sandwiches in one day to support soldiers in World War 1, VisitGreenvilleSC organized a group of Greenvillians to do the same. Following Duke’s original pimento cheese sandwich recipe, for six hours, the volunteers formed an assembly line and pumped out 10-thousand sammies. Duke’s provided 100 gallons of its famous mayonnaise, other local businesses contributed equipment and manpower, and Meals on Wheels helped distribute the sandwiches to those in need in the community.

Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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