10 year old helps her mom deliver a baby!

A Missouri 10-year-old named Miracle lives up to her name by helping her mom to deliver her baby sister at home. When Miracle Moore’s pregnant mom Viola Fair started having pains a few weeks ago, Miracle was there to help. The fourth-grader called 911 and attended to her mom, whose due date was still a few weeks away. But as Miracle talked to 911 dispatcher Scott Stranghoener, it became clear that the baby wasn’t going to wait any longer.

So Stranghoener calmly talked Miracle through what she needed to do to help her mom. “She did amazing. She never questioned anything,” Strangheoner says. “She did exactly as she was asked and we’re left with a beautiful baby girl.” A few minutes later, paramedics arrived and took over Viola and baby Jayla’s care.

Earlier this week, St. Louis first responders gathered to honor Miracle and present her with a pair of awards for performing a “field delivery.” Paramedic Blake Alicea said she couldn’t have asked for a better helper on scene and called Miracle “super brave” for her part in the delivery. And after the experience, Miracle thinks she might want to pursue a career in medicine, but for now she’s going to concentrate on getting through the fourth grade.

Source: KMOV

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