What Are Your Plans For Turkey Day

Friends Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner Together

Photo: Getty Images

 A lot of people spend MONTHS getting excited for the holiday season . . . but would you TRADE IT ALL for what's behind Door #2?



In a new poll, 70% of people say they look forward all year to spending the holidays with their loved ones . . . and 67% say it's the "highlight of their year."



But yet, if people were given the option of scrapping their traditional Christmas plan for a relaxing vacation . . . 61% of people WOULD.



The trip could still be a family vacation . . . so it isn't just about abandoning extended family and friends . . . it's more about dodging the usual stresses of the holiday season, and celebrating in a fresh, new way.



Of course, the grass isn't always greener, and not just because it's winter. Vacations usually involve travel itineraries, crowds, and navigating unfamiliar areas . . . things that bring their own kind of stresses.




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