A new baby for Thanksgiving

An Indiana police officer and his wife adopt a baby that was surrendered at a Safe Haven Baby Box. Earlier this year, Mishawaka, Indiana, police officer Bruce Faltynski and his wife, Shelby, finalized the adoption of their eight-year-old daughter Kaia and then they got a call from child services. There was a tiny baby that needed a new home.

The one-day-old infant had been dropped off at a Safe Haven Baby Box in Lake County and immediately taken to the hospital to be examined. Doctors determined the baby had had a stroke. Shelby says they believe that the baby’s mother did the right thing. They named the baby girl Myah.

Baby Myah’s health improved steadily and then last week the Faltynskis made her a permanent part of their family. And they want Myah’s birth mom to know how much they appreciate her. “We are so grateful,” Shelby says. “She made a really courageous decision.”

Source: FOX 19

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