What Time Should Thanksgiving Start?

What time are you eating tomorrow, and what's the RIGHT time for Thanksgiving to start?



40,000 people voted online, and the most popular answer is between 3:00 and 4:30 P.M. About a third of us think Thanksgiving dinner should start later than that, and 23% said earlier. Here are a few more Thanksgiving questions . . .



1.  Is turkey your favorite Thanksgiving food? Only 18% say it is. Also, 55% of people prefer white meat, while 45% prefer dark.



2.  Is stuffing better when it's cooked inside the turkey? Just 16% say yes. 52% say no . . . 18% like both . . . and 14% have never had it that way.



3.  Should mashed potatoes be completely smooth, or have a few lumps? The winner is LUMPS with 62% of the vote.



4.  Do you like your gravy smooth, or with stuff like mushrooms and onions mixed in? 86% say smooth. Also, 19% say they'll put gravy on pretty much EVERYTHING tomorrow.



5.  Does ham belong on the table at Thanksgiving? Pretty even split. 51% say yes, and 49% say no.



6.  Is green bean casserole actually good? 61% say yes, 39% think it's gross.



7.  Should you serve salad to start? 71% say no, stop messing around. But 29% of us would enjoy a salad first.



8.  Is sweet potato casserole better with marshmallows on top? The majority say yes, but just barely. 51% say marshmallows, 49% say skip 'em.



9.  Apple pie or pumpkin pie? You can only have one. 67% say pumpkin.



10.  Is it okay to play Christmas music on Thanksgiving? 52% say YES, but there are rules: 29% are fine with it in general . . . 14% say yes, but only after dinner . . . and 9% say go for it, but only after everyone leaves. 




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