96 year old helps Santa

A 96-year-old California man makes and donates hundreds of wooden toy planes to give to children in need for Christmas. For the seventh year in a row, Kenneth Craig, 96, from Arroyo Grande, California, has made more than 100 wooden toy airplanes to give away "so the children can enjoy them and have something to open on Christmas Day."

Craig used to give them all to the Salvation Army until he heard about the Season of Hope campaign of local TV station KSBY in San Luis Obispo, so this year he made 200 for them and another 100 for the Salvation Army. He spent all year working on the toys and says he does it because he grew up poor and it makes him happy to be able to make something for kids that don’t have much.

The nonagenarian creates the toy planes using recycled materials and leaves them unpainted “so the kids can decorate them the way they like to.” He estimates that over the last seven years he’s made about 1-thousand planes for local children in need.

Source: KSBY

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