He found the rings!

A New Hampshire man recovers his wife’s wedding rings from a 20-ton trailer of garbage after accidentally tossing them out. On November 23rd, Kevin Butler took out the trash at his Windham home and dropped it off at the garbage transfer station in town. A couple of hours later, his wife realized that she couldn’t find her wedding rings after having cleaned them earlier that day.

They searched everywhere and when they couldn’t find them, Butler realized what must have happened to the rings. His wife had set them out on a napkin after cleaning them and he thought that he must have thrown the napkins out with the trash. So he rushed to the transfer station to see if he could find the rings.

Fortunately, Butler had some help at the transfer station with the task. Dennis Senibaldi, the transfer station supervisor, watched surveillance footage and determined where Butler had placed his garbage bag, narrowing the search down to a single 20-ton trailer full of trash. Then workers helped search for the rings. Butler had told them what other contents were in the bag and as an excavator sorted through the garbage, Senibaldi noticed some celery sticking out of a bag. After completely sorting through it, the supervisor found the rings — still wrapped in the napkin — at the bottom of the bag.

Source: FOX News

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