Moms get new cars for Christmas

A dozen single working moms in Minnesota are gifted free cars loaded up with holiday gifts. An automotive tech school in Minneapolis partners up with local car dealerships to give 12 cars to 12 Twin City moms in need. And each of the cars was also packed full of presents for their families.

The giveaway was organized by the Wheels for Women program of the Newgate School, an automotive mechanics school for underprivileged young adults in Minneapolis, and the cars were donated by local dealerships. The Newgate School typically gives away one car to a single mother each month through their Wheels for Woman program.

One of the lucky moms, Destiny Hill from St. Paul, says that she hasn’t had a car in over a year and her new ride will allow her to get her kids into after school sports. Another mom who got a car, Tatyana Krebsbach, says the car will allow her to find a better paying job. “We’ll be able to succeed from here on out now,” Tatyana says. “Only thing I needed really was a car.”

Source: CBS News

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