The BEST gifts

This year money is tight for everyone and my family and I have decided to being really intentional about our gift giving. If you'll REALLY love it and use it, we'll do our best to put it under the tree but no more giving a meaningless gift just to have something to give. It's helping us stay in the spirit of Christmas and helping us stay out of debt too! We're calling it our "Bob Cratchet Christmas":) We plan to give some gifts and then spend the day making a beautiful Christmas meal together. No matter what's under your tree, or in your stocking, I hope you and your family have a beautiful and magical Christmas.

Don't forget the joyful, FREE events happening in Twister Country this year, from the Gathering Place to Rhema Bible College. (Check out the Tulsa World for some GREAT ideas

Below are some ideas on how to have a frugal but Merry holiday season....~Karla

The Best Gifts Are The Ones That Show You’re Paying Attention: There’s a simple trick to buying meaningful gifts for people… remembering the phrase “It’s the thought that counts.” According to author and researcher at University of Michigan Dearborn, Aaron Ahuvia. He’s discovered that the gifts people love are rarely the most expensive and are most on point about the receiver. That means you have to pay attention to the people around you. Why? Because gifts that show they are “seen” are the perfect ones. Ahuvia says another key is that the gifts either remind the recipient of a past connection with you or foster a future connection – or both. So, be present and pay attention and you won’t have to stress over gift giving.

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