Puppy comes back home just in time for Christmas

A dog who went missing in California in 2021 turns up in Kansas 14 months later and is now on his way home. Sandra O’Neill says her German shepherd mix, Zeppelin, would sometimes get out of her Sacramento, California, yard and explore a nearby construction site, but usually he would return home on his own or she would go out and find him there. But one night in October of 2021, Zeppelin didn’t come back home and O’Neill couldn’t find her pup anywhere.

Nobody’s quite sure where Zeppelin went, but last week, 14 months after he disappeared in California, he showed up in the pasture of Heather Reichar’s farm in Louisburg, Kansas. After letting Zeppelin spend the night at her house, Reichar took the pup to her vet, Wildcat Veterinary Clinic, where they scanned his microchip and learned that he was 16-hundred miles from home.

O’Neill wasn’t entirely caught off guard when she got the call that Zeppelin had been found. She never gave up hope that her dog would someday come back home and she’d just prayed for his return the day before, but she was happy to get to Facetime with Zeppelin and looks forward to having him back home. After a plea on social media, the veterinary clinic was able to find a volunteer to drive Zeppelin back home and they expect to be there just in time for Christmas.

Source: UPI

And if you want to know just how special this is, check out the dog reunion videos below...my heart is melting. ~Karla

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