Your cereal could tell how your relationships will go!

Your childhood breakfast choices may reveal a lot about what you’re like in a relationship, according to one therapist. Jeff Guenther, a marriage and family counselor known for his relationship advice, claims that your favorite breakfast cereal can indicate how you act in a relationship and even help find suitable partners for you.

In a TikTok video that’s gone viral with over 225-thousand views, Guenther breaks down what your breakfast cereal choices as a kid say about what it’s like to date you:

  • Trix - He claims those who like this childhood favorite are “chaotic” and “have no idea” what they want in a relationship. “You’re a lot to handle and very unpredictable, which makes for an exciting time, but you flame out pretty fast,” the therapist explains, adding that like the cereal’s brand name, these folks like to play tricks on their partners and tend to be “scared of their own emotions.”
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch - If this was your go-to cereal as a kid, then you have “refined taste and it shows based on who you’re attracted to,” according to Guenther. “You don’t mind being a trophy because you want your sweetie to flaunt you around town,” he explains. “You’re showy, but that’s okay because you can pull it off.”
  • Rice Krispies - Fans of this cereal like to “keep the relationship moving” and don’t have time to mess around, so they rush to define the relationship. Guenther says Rice Krispies lovers “aren’t going to get stuck in a long-term relationship with someone who can’t meet their needs.”
  • Cap’n Crunch - These folks know relationships take hard work and they’re “dedicated to getting through the rough times.” Even though it may take a while for a partner to earn their love, Cap’n Crunch eaters “reward them with a commitment that lasts forever.”
  • Honey Nut Cheerios - “Emotionally mature and grounded” is how Guenther describes those who love this classic cereal. He says they’re “not a ton of fun,” but it’s okay because they have “a really secure attachment style that feels really relaxing to be around.”
  • Lucky Charms - These fans are “all about the honeymoon phase,” this expert says. He says Lucky Charms lovers focus on all the green flags, ignore the red ones and that they’re really superstitious about getting signs from the universe about the future of the relationship.

Source: NY Post

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