Servers help a lost woman

Employees at a Louisiana Applebee’s care for an elderly woman with dementia after she wanders into the restaurant. Last week, 86-year-old Maria Montalvo walked into the Applebee’s in Bossier City, Louisiana, asking for water and tacos. The staff sat her at a table, brought her food and water, and took turns checking in on her to make sure she was comfortable.

What the staff at Applebee’s didn’t know was that Montalvo has dementia and had wandered off from her nearby residence a couple hours earlier. Local police were looking for her and the state police had issued a Silver Alert asking for the community’s help locating her.

As it got later, the Applebee’s manager, Courtenay Lane, considered calling the authorities, but then at around 10:30 that night, police showed up at the restaurant and then the workers learned that Montalvo had been reported as missing. The company later took to social media to praise their employees for taking such good care of their guest. “Our hats off to Courtenay Lane and our wonderful Bossier City Applebee's night crew for giving aid when needed!,” the post reads “So thankful for the opportunity to provide care, safety and kindness to this elderly guest who needed help. We are proud to be a part of the Bossier City Neighborhood! ♥👍 #thegoodstuff #doinggood”

Source: Inside Edition

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