Wishing Booth

Connecticut artists create a “Wish Booth” with a direct connection to “The Universe.” Locals and visitors to downtown Chester now have a way to direct their wishes straight to the universe. A group of local artists have created and installed a 12-foot-high red wood and glass phone booth they call a “Wish Booth” they say is “equipped for DIRECT DIALING to The Universe.”

Step inside the 42- by 42-inch interior of the booth, pick up the receiver, and you’ll hear a one minute recording that says “See that change you want and feel the way your wish will nudge the universe. Now words have magic, so you must speak, to start this magic arc…” And then ends with, “After this bell, speak your wishes here,” encouraging you to put your deepest wish out to the universe.

The converted former New York City pay phone booth is the brainchild of Chester artist Christpher Owens. “It’s warm, it’s welcoming, it’s a bit whimsical and hopefully it inspires,” he says. So far, more than 15-hundred wishes have been anonymously recorded in the booth. Owens and collaborator Caryn Paradis have been brought to tears by some of the wishes. They believe the wish booth brings hope to the people who leave their wishes. “It makes you think,” Caryn says. “And we need hope right now.”

Source: CT Insider

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