Chris Lane Reveals How He Feels About Having A Third Baby

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Chris Lane has "Big, Big Plans" for his family, but does that involve another baby?

The "Take Back Home Girl" singer opened up about the future of his family with Lauren Bushell Lane after welcoming their second son Baker Weston in October 2022.

He shared that his newborn son "is not really taking a bottle great right now" and admits "it's been an adjustment" settling into his new role as a father of two. "There's no doubt about it. We're not getting a whole lot of sleep, and I think it's been a big adjustment for Dutton," he tells People of his first son Dutton Walker, who is just 19 months old. Furthermore, Baker was recently diagnosed with RSV after a trip to the ER. "Luckily everybody's good now, but it was definitely a scary handful of days there with both of them. Baker ended up in the emergency room, not breathing well, but he's a fighter. He came out of it, and he's doing really well now," Lane said.

He also discussed the possibility of trying for a third baby. "I think with how tired we are right now, two is going to be enough, but I also think Lauren's wanting a girl. So I wouldn't be surprised if we don't try for a third eventually, but I pray that the good Lord above does not allow that to happen anytime soon," Lane joked.

After the birth of his second son, Lane said he plans to "take some time off" in early 2023 heading back out on the road and putting out another album. "Since this will be my third record, I just want to make sure to get it right," he said. He also said he's looking forward to being at home with his family. "I'm excited to spend a little bit of time at home since I've been touring so much, just lay low for a hot minute," he continued.

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