10 year old hands out Lunchboxes of Love

A North Carolina girl is helping to fight food insecurity among the elderly in her community. When Greensboro 10-year-old Kalona Fewell learned that her community had high rates of food insecurity that affect people her age as well as older folks, she wanted to do something to help.

Kalona chose to concentrate her efforts on the elderly, so she started handing out “Lunchboxes of Love” that contain healthy food and hygiene products. “I saw all these other people giving back to their communities and I was like, ‘Well I want to give back to my community,’” says Kalona. “Not a lot of people think about them, other people might feed the homeless and that’s great, but we don’t really pay attention to our elderly.”

Last week, Kalona and a team of 20 friends and family handed out packages containing chicken salad sandwiches, water bottles, and toiletries to over 100 residents of a nearby elderly community. Their gifts were met with thanks along with smiles and hugs. “They gave me little presents, little cards and they were just saying, “Thank you, thank you. I love what you’re doing,’” she recalls. And Kalona is also encouraging anyone else who wants to help their community to get out there and do it. “If you don’t have the money for it, get donations,” she says. “Just reach out to people, even if you don’t know them.”

Source: My FOX 8

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