Farmer pays for those that can't

For 10 years, an Alabama man secretly paid pharmacy bills for those in his community. In 2012, Hody Childress, a farmer and U.S. Air Force veteran, walked into a drug store in his hometown of Geraldine and learned from the pharmacist that sometimes families can’t afford to pay for their medicines.

He gave $100 to the pharmacist, telling them to use it for anyone who couldn’t afford their prescription, with one caveat. “Do not tell a soul that the money came from me,” Childress insisted. And a month later, he came back into Geraldine Drugs and gave another $100 bill and he kept doing it, month after month, for over a decade.

The pharmacist did as Childress asked and never disclosed who the act of kindness came from, but continued using his generosity to help those who were struggling. No one knew about his good deed until the 80-year-old was approaching the end of his life and couldn’t get around, so he asked his daughter, Tania Nix, to take over for him and deliver the $100. She was shocked at her dad’s confession and was happy to help him carry it on. Childress passed away on January 1st, 2023, and now that friends and family are finding out what he did, they’re paying it forward, keeping his pharmacy fund going in his honor.

Source: Sunny Skyz

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