Couple rescued on vacation

A local man goes out of his way to help an elderly Tennessee couple stranded on a remote Hawaiian highway. Sheila and Dan Kane went to Hawaii in December to see their grandson graduate from college and decided to extend their trip with a visit to Maui. They’d been told about a beautiful stretch of road called the Hana Highway and despite being warned about how dangerous the narrow windy road could be, they decided to take their rental car on the scenic roadway.

At some point on their drive, they got a flat tire and slowly made their way to a service area at about 5:30pm. They soon learned that they didn’t have cell service and also their rental car had no spare tire. But then William "Wade" Latham, a Hawaiian State Park caretaker who was working nearby, stopped to check on the couple. After confirming that their rental didn’t have a spare, Latham drove five miles down the road to call for a tow truck for the Kanes. He drove back and told them someone should be there to help them soon and went back to work.

Latham then came back at 8pm to check on the couple again and was surprised that a tow truck hadn’t come yet. He chatted with the Kanes and even offered for them to come to his house and spend the night, but they decided to wait with their car until the tow truck came, which ended up being about 11:30p.m. Latham even went to his house and brought back food and water. At 11p.m., Latham reluctantly left the couple so he could get ready for an early workday, but he asked them to text him when they got to safety, which they did. The Kanes were blown away that a stranger would go to such length to make sure they were taken care of. "I'm very grateful there are still people in the world that will go the extra mile," the Kanes say of their new friend. "We were very blessed to meet him."

Source: USA Today

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