Elderly man and his dog saved from the ice

A group of five good Samaritans rescue an elderly man and his dog after his Jeep plunges into an icy lake. This past Saturday, a 83-year-old man and his dog were riding in his jeep on the frozen Okoboji Lake in northwestern Iowa when the ice gave way and the Jeep sank into the frigid water near a bridge on U.S. Highway 71.

Fortunately, a group of five men near the incident rushed to rescue the man and his pup, jumping into the icy water and bringing them safely to the shore. Dickinson County Sheriff's Office posted on social media thanking the gentlemen for their selfless act.

The elderly driver was transported to a nearby hospital and was reported as doing well. The dog was dried out and seemed to be unharmed by the incident.

  • Less than a week earlier, a UTV broke through the ice in the exact same spot and the Sheriff’s office warned citizens to be cautious on the ice and to not to drive on the ice near bridges.

Source: KTIV

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