$30M anonymous donation

An anonymous man walks into the Turkish embassy in the US and donates $30-million to help victims of last week’s devastating earthquake. On Saturday, Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, tweeted that a Pakistani man living in the United States had walked into the Turkish embassy and made an anonymous donation of $30-million for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

The Turkish state-run media channel, Anadolu Agency later confirmed the donation. As the casualties from the twin earthquakes in Turkey and Syria mount, individuals and governments from around the globe are rallying to help victims and survivors affected by the disaster.

“These are such glorious acts of philanthropy that enable humanity to triumph over the seemingly insurmountable odds,” Sharif added in his announcement of the anonymous donation.

Source: CNN

If you'd like to help, every little bit helps. Here's the link I found to the Red Cross helping in Turkey. ~Karla

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