Heinz gifts man a boat

Heinz finds the man who survived almost a month on ketchup and seasonings while he was adrift at sea and offers him a new boat. When the king of all ketchup brands, Heinz, heard about Elvis Francois [[fran-SWA]], who was lost at sea in the Caribbean and had survived for 24 days on a diet of the condiments, they started a campaign to try and find him so they could buy the ketchup-loving seafarer a new boat. One that Heinz promises will have navigational equipment to prevent future mishaps.

Elvis was working on his sailboat in St. Maarten when currents swept him out to sea and he drifted over 500 miles before being picked up by a container ship near Colombia. When they learned about his plight, Heinz took to social media using #FindtheKetchupBoatGuy to connect with Elvis. The post was viewed over 4-million times and liked by over 5-thousand, leading them to connect with news outlet EmoNews who were able to locate the 47-year-old sailor. "The hunt is over," a Heinz spokesperson says. "Through the power of social media ... Elvis was located in the Caribbean on the island of Dominica."

After finding him with help from the internet, representatives from Heinz had a video call with him. "Heinz and Elvis are working out the logistical details of gifting him his new boat," Heinz says. "Anyone who shared, liked or commented on the brand's post helped broaden the reach and played an important part in finding Elvis… and Heinz wants to thank everyone who helped." When asked what he thinks of the offer from Heinz, Elvis says, it’s “really cool” that something like this is happening to him.

Source: CBS News

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