Rival schools team up

When Eastern Kentucky rivals Martin County High and Pike County Central High played in a regional basketball tournament earlier this month, Martin County’s band couldn’t make it because of a bus driver shortage. Pike Central’s band noticed that their rival didn’t have a band getting the crowd pumped up for their game, but the opposing team did, so they decided to do something about it.

While waiting to perform for their team’s game later in the tournament, Pike Central’s band started playing for the Martin County team, who’s game was tied with the other team favored to win. “The energy just skyrocketed,” a Martin County basketball player recalls. “The crowd’s energy just really pushed us to the end.”

Martin County ended up winning that game in overtime and are headed to the state competition for the first time in nearly forty years. At that tournament, they’ll be supported by their band and they’ve invited Pike Central’s band to join them, too. "We are all Eastern Kentuckians,” says Pike Central's band director. “We all support each other."

Source: Newser

And i KNOW I'm biased because I played a silver trigger trombone in the high school band but I LOOOOOOOVE the video below of a trombone battle of the bands:)!~Karla

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