Baby lost in earthquake reunited with Mommy

More than five days after the February 6th earthquake in Southern Turkey, a baby only weeks old was pulled from the rubble of a damaged building in the province of Hatay. Photos of the baby’s rescue gripped the nation and the world and everyone was amazed that the tiny girl had somehow miraculously survived the destruction relatively unscathed.

The baby was transported to Ankara in Central Turkey to be cared for and medical authorities gave her the name Gizem, which means “mystery” in Turkish. It was initially believed that the child’s mother died in the quake, but results from a DNA test revealed that baby Gizem was actually Vetin Begdas and her mother, Yasemin Begdas, was alive and recovering in a hospital in Adana, Turkey.

On Saturday, Turkey’s Family and Social Services Minister Derya Yanik reunited the now three-and-a-half-month-old baby with her mother. The minister tweeted a video of the heartwarming reunion. “One of the most priceless tasks in the world is reuniting a mother with her child,” Yanik says. “Being a part of that happiness meant a lot to us as well.” “Vetin is now our baby too,” Yanik writes in the tweet and then adds, “Our support will always be with you.”

Source: Al Jazeera

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