Firefighters cook dinner for kids

A Missouri mother was sent to the hospital after an accident that happened while she was preparing Sunday dinner, and first responders went the extra mile to make sure her kids were fed. Alicia Watson of St. Charles suffered second-degree burns on her legs and feet from boiling water while making pasta. After the accident, she called for help and firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene.

Watson was taken to the hospital for evaluation, but her children were left at home, waiting for their father to arrive. In the meantime, Captain Kelly Hunsel from the St. Charles City Fire Department and her crew decided to stay and help make dinner for the hungry kids. Kingston Bond, Watson's nephew, said the firefighters didn't know how to cook the meal, but they managed to save the pasta dinner of mostaccioli with a side of potatoes.

Bond praised the firefighters' efforts, saying the meal turned out "phenomenal." Not only did the first responders make dinner, but they also helped clean the kitchen afterwards. Watson expressed her gratitude to the firefighters for calming her children down, reassuring them that she would be okay, and making sure they enjoyed their Sunday dinner on time.

Source: My ARK-LA-MISS

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