9 year old meets Tiger Woods

In her nine years of life, Southern California golfer Madelyn Quinn has won many medals and has created lots of memories on the golf course. But her most memorable golf moment occurred at this year's Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles, where she met her favorite player, Tiger Woods. Woods noticed Madelyn holding her “bucket list” sign, and after finishing his putt on the 17th hole, he signed his glove and gave it to her.

However, “Meeting Tiger Woods” was only the number two item on Madelyn’s list. Her number one item was receiving a heart transplant, which she was lucky enough to have already checked off. Born with a congenital heart defect, the little girl had three surgeries that ultimately failed to improve her condition. She was placed on a heart transplant list and, after four months, received a life-saving donor heart.

Madelyn’s dad Greg says she transformed into "a brand new girl" after the transplant, and the family credits organ donation for making it possible. She now lives a relatively normal life. "I have to go to the doctor once in a while, and I have to take medicine," the nine-year-old says, "but I am living pretty good.” The Quinns express their deep gratitude to the donor family for the gift that saved their baby’s life. For Madelyn, her new heart has not only given her a second chance at life but also the opportunity to check more items off her bucket list.

Source: 10 News San Diego

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