Diner gives away free meals

A few years ago, Collin Doran, owner of the Homemade Cafe in Berkeley, California, had a crazy idea: offer free breakfast to anyone in need. Then during the pandemic, food insecurity became a major problem, so Doran made the policy official and created the "Everybody Eats Program."

The program provides a basic two-eggs breakfast with home fries and toast to anyone who takes a coupon from the diner bulletin board. The only payment that is required is a thank you and paying customers can support the program by adding $5 to their bill, an option that many regulars appreciate. Doran says his customers have reacted positively, either contributing financially or choosing to visit the cafe more often.

The program's popularity has led Doran to give away around 200 meals a month. Despite his initial concerns about how the program might affect the business, Doran has actually seen a 5% increase in their sales. He hopes that his program will inspire other businesses to adopt similar socially responsible practices.

Source: CBS News

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