New Fire alarms pay off

When Chattanooga, Tennessee, resident Carrie Harris needed to replace the batteries in her smoke alarms, she reached out to the Chattanooga Fire Department for help. Senior Firefighter Allen Green responded to the call, replaced the batteries in Ms. Harris’ smoke alarms and went above and beyond, installing two new smoke alarms outside her kitchen for extra security.

In an incredible stroke of luck, just two days later, Harris and her daughter were woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of the new alarms going off. They rushed to see what was wrong and discovered a candle that Harris had forgotten to put out was burning out of control. She managed to move the candle to the sink and put out the flames before the fire spread.

Thanks to this near miss, Harris is now urging others to make sure their smoke alarms are functioning. And she hopes that other senior citizens will reach out to the fire department if they need help. If she hadn’t, she might not be here to spread the word.

Source: News Channel 9

And in case you still need help changing your batteries...

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