Friends from birth go to Prom together

Despite living more than 200 miles apart, Tatum Kelly and Leighton Long, two Tennessee 17-year-olds, recently celebrated senior prom together. The pair first crossed paths as newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit of a Nashville hospital 2005, becoming "close friends" according to Leighton. Born just three days apart and prematurely, their parents connected in the hospital and have maintained a strong friendship ever since.

Jaime Horton, their former nurse, noted that the two families shared similar experiences and "really support each other." So when Tatum’s senior prom came around, she reached out to her lifelong friend to be her date. She says that she made the move because she thought it'd be fun and something new for her and her friend. Leighton was thrilled with the idea, and his parents even arranged a surprise limo for the occasion.

Tatum and Leighton say they both had a great evening. "We had a lot of fun. He got to meet some of my friends and it was really cool,” Tatum recalls, “After prom, we went and did laser tag and bowling with some of my friends and had a lot of fun." And Leighton thought it was a good time, too, saying, "It was cool meeting new people and dancing and laser tag and bowling. It was just a new experience."


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