Paramedics give a patient one last trip

Earlier this week, Australian paramedics Dave Moran and Ray Smythe were assigned to transport 85-year-old Mavis from her Port Macquarie home to a palliative care unit. While in transport, Mavis told Moran and Smythe about fond memories she had of meeting her husband of 65 years on a beach. "She mentioned her and Ron had met on Clovelly Beach, and Dave piped up from the front seat and said 'Do you want to go via the beach?,'" Smythe recalls.

So the paramedics took Mavis on a detour, stopping by Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie to take in the sights and smells of the mid-north coast. They rolled Mavis down to the shore in her stretcher and sat with her. Smythe says he held her hand as she thanked them over and over. They even spotted a whale off the coast.

After their beach excursion, Smythe and Moran delivered Mavis to the care facility. Even though she told them on the way that she was ready to go, they were surprised to learn that she passed away the very next day. But the paramedics say it was a “humbling experience” to be able to share that moment with her. "Her last journey was a lovely one,” Moran says, “She could enjoy the whales breaching, the breeze and the water."


And if YOU need a moment of Zen, watch the video below...

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