Beach proposal saved by teen

As a Tennessee man prepared to pop the question to his girlfriend on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he realized the engagement ring was no longer in his pocket. Distressed, the man asked some nearby police officers for their help. Officers Josh LivelySean Owens and Zachary Stashick turned the moment into a “training exercise” for their colleague, Officer Shon McCluskey and his rookie K-9 partner Goggles.

The officers weren’t having much luck in their search and were near giving up when 15-year-old Isaiah Krekeler showed up with his metal detector. Krekeler, on vacation from Ohio and using his metal detector for the first time, only took a few seconds to pinpoint the missing ring’s location, returning it to its grateful owner. "I felt like I saved a marriage,” Krekeler recalls.

In a post to social media, the Myrtle Beach Police Department called the search a community effort. They also shared that the proposal was a success and wished for a happy future for the newly engaged couple.

Source: PEOPLE

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