Pets saved from Fire Zone

With wildfires ravaging Canada, many towns in the Northwest Territories are being evacuated. As residents were fleeing the town of Behchokǫ, one Yellowknife man was heading toward the fires. Jason Card, along with his teen son and 80-year-old stepfather, are on a mission to help evacuate as many pets from Behchokǫ as they can.

When they first got word that the area was being evacuated, Card went to the SPCA in Yellowknife, filled his truck with dog crates, and headed the 60 miles to the frontlines. “Literally as soon as we got into town and people heard that we were rescuing dogs, we had people coming up to us asking us to get the dogs and if we had room,” Card recalls, “We filled every kennel that we had.”

After their first rescue trip, they immediately turned around for another round and returned to Yellowknife at 5am with more pets. In all, Card has managed to rescue nearly three dozen animals. Dr. Michelle Tuma of Vets Without Borders Canada learned of Card's effort and offered to arrange temporary housing for the pets. Tuma calls Card’s mission “insanely heartwarming,” and adds, “It just shows, I mean, the sense of community that is in the North and the lengths that people will go to.”


Below...more animals are saved from the wildfires by police officers who risk their own welfare. Thank you, officers!~Karla

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