Over a Million Flowers to celebrate Anniversary

For their 50th wedding anniversary, Kansas farmer Lee Wilson decided on an unconventional yet stunning surprise for his wife, Renee Wilson. Knowing that his wife loves sunflowers, Lee planted her some in one of the fields on their farm. And not just a few, Lee planted approximately 15-thousand sunflowers per acre in an 80-acre field for a total of around 1.2-million sunflowers!

Lee started the secret project back in May with the help of his son. "Well we're celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary August 10th and you know what's a guy get his gal for the 50th?,” Lee says, “I put a lot of thought into it and she always liked sunflowers."

Renee Wilson was blown away by the touching and monumental gesture, saying, "It made me feel very special. It couldn't have been a more perfect anniversary gift than a field of sunflowers." The breathtaking sunflower field, located near Pratt, has now become a local attraction, drawing in crowds for photos during the sunflower's picture-perfect, albeit brief, season of about two weeks.

Source: ABC 7

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