Heart Transplant saves 2 lives

In September of 2022, when Nicole Skaats noticed her 10-day-old daughter, Mia, struggling to breathe, she knew something was wrong. Mia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and they were told she would need a heart transplant. A few months later, the Skaats were presented with a unique opportunity. A heart had been located for Mia and they were being asked to donate part of Mia’s original heart to another infant, who needed a partial transplant.

On May 10, 2023, Baby Mia received her new heart in a groundbreaking “domino transplant procedure,” the first of its kind performed on babies. A heart valve from Mia's original heart was donated to Brooklyn Civil, who was born with only one heart valve. The procedure was performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital by a team led by Dr. Andrew Goldstone.

Following the successful nine-hour surgery, both grateful families were overjoyed. “The moment they told us that the heart was implanted in her and was working … well, I don’t think there’s really anything that can describe it,” Nicole Skaats recalls. And Brooklyn’s mom Samantha Civil says they're grateful for the medical team and the Skaats family. "They got such incredible news,” she says, “And they were able to think of somebody else in that moment." Both families realize that their girls will now have a lifelong connection. “One of the nurses said that Brooklyn will always have a piece of Mia’s heart,” Nicole says, “They’ll always be bonded.”

Source: TODAY

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