A good deed leads to a $700K win!

Tacoma, Washington, postal worker Joseph Waldherr went to work one day recently and could hear the muffled cries of a kitten nearby, but couldn’t find the source of the mews. The next day, he heard the cries again and after some searching, found a tiny kitten stuck in a tight place. Waldherr gave the black-and-white kitten with peach-colored cheeks a cozy spot in his sweatshirt pocket for a nap while he finished his work day.

Feeling like luck was on his side, on his way home from work, he decided to swing into a convenience store and buy a Washington Lottery Hit 5 lotto ticket. A few days later, he and his wife checked the ticket and were stunned to find out they had won $717,500. Waldherr credited his windfall to the good karma he earned from rescuing the kitten, which he and his wife decided to keep and have named "Peaches."

After collecting his winnings, Waldherr took his whole family out to celebrate. He plans to save a portion of his new-found wealth and use the rest to help his parents in their retirement and contribute to charities. “My wife and I have everything we need,” he says, “We just want to help others.”

Source: NY POST

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