Pilot Flies Doll back to her little girl

When Texas nine-year-old Valentina Dominguez and her family returned home from a trip to Tokyo, Japan, they soon realized her American Girl doll, Beatrice, was missing. Valentina’s dad, Rudy Dominguez, soon came to the conclusion that the doll had been left on the airplane. He made a call and sent an email to the airline and then turned to social media to try and see if anyone could help them find the beloved doll.

Dallas-Fort Worth based American Airlines pilot James Danen saw the post about the missing doll and wanted to help. He frequently flies to Tokyo, so he reached out to Haneda Airport in Tokyo and after a couple of phone calls, was able to track down Beatrice. Danen picked up the doll from the lost-and-found at the airport and brought it with him as he made his way back to Texas, documenting their journey in pictures.

When Danen and Beatrice arrived back in Texas last week, he drove straight to the Dominguez family’s home to personally hand over the doll to Valentina. He also brought her some Japanese treats, a map showing where all Beatrice had traveled since she was last with Valentina, and pictures of Beatrice and the pilot on their adventure. Rudy was amazed at the length Danen was willing to go to help total strangers, saying, “He's a kind man. He said he would do it and followed through." For Danen, helping people is just what he likes to do. “It's my nature,” he says, “I was really glad I could do something nice for somebody."


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