Teen Cowboy saves cattle from a fire

In July, 16-year-old Austin Spies [[spEEz]] was heading home on Interstate 84 near Hammett, Idaho, when he saw a cattle truck on fire on the road ahead. Spies happened to be trailering his horse home from the rodeo, where he’d competed in cattle roping events like he’d been doing since he was old enough to ride. “The whole front of the trailer was on fire and cows were on the interstate,” the teen recalls, “I had a horse and didn't have anywhere to be so I may as well help."

Spies didn’t hesitate to get his horse, Dewalt, out of the trailer and, riding bareback, rushed to help take control of the situation. After getting the 35 head of cattle off the truck and away from the fire, he checks on the driver, and then clears a dozen more off the road and herds them all up safely away from the highway.

Later at a special ceremony, Spies was honored by Elmore County Sheriff Mike Hollinshead, who presented the teen with a certificate of recognition for his brave act. “It is our opinion, [that] the world certainly needs more Austin Spies,” the sheriff says. But the humble young man believes the recognition wasn’t necessary, calling it “an honor to help and to have that opportunity."

Source: KTVB

If you ever come across cattle and have a horse, here are some tips below:)~Karla

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