$5K find at a Thrift Store

Oliver Jolis is the manager of Pick Of The Litter Thrift Shop in Burlingame, California, where all their profits go to support injured and orphaned animals at the Peninsula Humane Society. Recently he was sorting through some clothing donations when he picked up a shirt with a bunch of cash tucked inside it. "Money just started falling out," Jolis recalls, "It kept falling and falling. I was like 'This is a decent amount of money here.'"

When Jolis counted all the money, it totalled up to $5-thousand. He could easily have kept the cash, but instead, he continued digging through the donation and uncovered some old car insurance paperwork with a woman’s name on it. With the help of his coworkers, they were able to track down the woman. After having her answer a few questions, they told her that they’d found her money.

The woman wished to stay anonymous, but she was grateful for the thrift store manager’s honesty. "He could have just put the money in his pocket and that was the end of the day and nobody would have known, but he didn't," the woman says, adding, "Whatever you do in this world comes back to you ten times, be it negativity or positivity, it comes back."


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